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Finally, a Linux alternative for Jing and!

I finally found a reasonably complete Linux replacement for Jing — at least for still caps. A few not-too-difficult setup steps and you get easy hotkey based rectangular screenshots with two-click short-URL uploads.

Try it… for more info, but here’s the Shutter Quickstart for Kubuntu (will vary for Gnome users):

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shutter/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install shutter
$ sudo apt-get install shutter

Run the Shutter app, dink with preferences as you see fit, then…

Gnome: Shutter preferences can set your keybindings
KDE: K menu -> System Settings -> Shortcuts and Gestures -> Custom Shortcuts

  • Right click “Preset Actions” -> New -> Global Shortcut -> Command URL
  • Trigger = your key combo preference (I used Ctrl+Shift+J since it’s the same as Jing)
  • Action = shutter -s (for Selection based capture, i.e. rectangular region, RTFM if you want a different default)


  • Create a Ubuntu One account at
  • Install the Ubuntu One client (available in KPackage Manager)
  • Run the ” ” and enter your account details
  • Find the tab with the “Connect” button, click it, tell it to share/sync files at least

now you’re ready…

  • Take a Shutter screen cap using your previously configured hotkey
  • Right click the image in the Shutter window that follows, select Export
  • Select the Ubuntu One tab
  • “Choose folder dropdown” -> “other…” ->
  • navigate to ~/Ubuntu One/
  • Create ‘img’ or ‘pic’ or ‘My Beautiful Digital Pictures’ or whatever you want to call your shared pics directory
  • Save in that folder

The upload will happen automatically*, and when complete a short URL will be on your clipboard (you’ll get a toaster message).

*as it will with any content placed underneath ‘~/Ubuntu One’

There are other sharing options available, but the configuration for them in Shutter is still rough around the edges (to be polite).

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